Tuesday to sunday departs at 9 am. The journey time is 5 hours.


CEMPOALA: (45 kilometres from the port) we will arrive at the place of “twenty waters”. Its name is because is  surrounded by rivers of the region, also it is one of the most important archaeological sites in the state. There are many buldings that today are of great architectural like the “Templo Mayor” ( Major Temple) . “ Templo de las Chimeneas” ( Temple of the Chimneys) “ Circulo de los Gladiadores” ( Circle of Gladiators) “ Templo de las Caritas” ( Temple of Caritas) “ Templo del Dios del Viento y la Cruz” ( God of Winds Temple and the Cross) and a beautiful site museum . This mystical complex will remind how it worked as a second capital of the Totonac empire before being dominated by the Aztec Empire.Then we will visit


ANTIGUA where we can find the legacies of the Spanish conquest, such as “Casa del Cabildo”, the first municipality in New Spain, the “Ermita del Rosario” that is the first Catholic church in Mexico, and the house of Hernan Cortes. Also, you can enjoy the picturesque place. Finally, you will visit.





  • Visit to Cempoala and Antigua.
  • Conditioned transportation from your hotel in Veracruz and Boca del Rio
  • Bilingual guide throughout the tour
  • Ticket to San Juan de Ulúa



Not Included:

  • Food
  • Tips